Be aware of yourself

    In this series of articles we will talk about a conscious approach to life,
self-awareness here and now, understanding each action you take, for what it is and what result you get.
    Being aware is a big plus: the world becomes brighter, food tastes better, love is more beautiful, hobby is more interesting.
    You will get rid of anger, stress, bad thoughts, all of the above takes away from you a lot of energy that you can direct to your development.
    The picture of the world will show you its subtleties, you will finally see the fine lines on the canvas of the universe, most things will please you.
   The food will delight you with its bouquet of flavors, you will cease to fill your stomach simply so.
   Most likely you will exclude from your diet most of the food when you realize that it hurts you.
   Being close to your loved one you will feel every pleasant second spent together, understanding each other without words, emotions and feelings will become brighter.
   Your hobby will become a thousand times more interesting, you will begin to invest pure efforts in your pastime, which can also become your business.
   We can go on with the description, but it’s better for you to start taking steps to awareness and doing those steps here and now.
   We will describe the General experience of our team members.
    Sooner or later, the first thing that comes to mind is questions, no need to be frightened, it’s natural.
   On the example:
– Who am I?
– Why am I here?
– Where I go?
– What’s the meaning of life?
– What I eat?
Who thought about that? How did you answer these questions? Or are you the first time to hear about it?
       We will develop this topic in future articles.
     We believe that by uniting the minds and energies of many people, we can create something really great.

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