Relation to the world

       You always get what you give. The world will give you what you give him. If you send him a positive, love, gratitude for all that you have – then the world will start to take care of you. It will send you situations that reflect your perception of the world. The world will take care of you, help you. But if you send to the world a bad mood, discontent, negative, anger, hatred, lies, greed – then the world will create situations for you where all this will be in prosperity.
       There is such a parable:A person complains about life, wails, says, “How badly I live.” God hears a person and says: “You still do not know what is bad,” and makes his life a living hell. The mirror situation: a person loves his life, is happy about everything, says how happy he is and how well he lives in such a beautiful world. God hears a person and says: “You still do not know what is good,” and makes his life even better. Never offend your world, treat it with love and care, and it will always find a way to help you, protect you, give you all new gifts and nice things. Most people offend their world, complain about it,  whine how tired they are and how unlucky they are. And their life will not better, years will pass, and they will live in their own horror film, where you are your own spectator, actor, and director.

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