Reward for evil

      Earning by deceit, you feel like losing a part of yourself. You will never be able to reveal its true purpose, and in fact only it will give you success and happiness in this world.
      The matrix will not allow you to save the money that you got by cheating. You draw such a situation in which you will not be able to keep them. At best, she will simply take them away from you: your house will burn down or you will be robbed, and at worst – you will go to prison, you will find a dangerous disease and the worst thing is that people close to you can also suffer.
      There are many examples of this, open and look on the Internet as the life of people who have earned money by dishonest or criminal means ends. There are of course cases when people managed to change, but they are few, and how much they lost to correct the situation.
      We are all part of one whole. Imagine that the universe is like a car. And we are all in this car parts. If a part breaks, it is changed to a new one. Even if it can be repaired-it will not be the same. So our world gets rid of everything that violates its law. Only by finding your way, the one for which you came into this world – you can achieve true success and happiness.
     We believe that by uniting the minds and energies of many people, we can create something really great.

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