The Philosophy Of Unity

       There is power in each of us. The power that can change the world, which is able to create true masterpieces of art. To invent things that are many years ahead of current inventions . There are people who know about it and use this power, but these people are very few. Others consider themselves something average: at best imitators who copy trend things, giving them for their own, and at worst – just consumers who think that all this is not about me, where do I climb, because there are such smart people, I will never reach them. Both are unlikely to achieve much success. The thing is that they initially chose the wrong way. Played on false rules of the game in which at every step these people are kept in constant fear. Fear that you’re not like everyone else. Fear of being fired from work. Fear that the product that I like and that is interesting to me to realize – actually nobody needs, etc. The Person is from head to toe covered with labels marked “importance”. He constantly has to prove something to someone. Society constantly shows it successful people and hints: here, you see where money? You see where fame and success are-and where are you? Rules that teach him further away – away from the successful lines of life, they say that for everything in life must be fought,they say that for everything in life you have to fight that all the success in this life get only from hard work that that lying for benefit is good that the most important thing in life is money. And for them people are ready to do not the best things.So that’s what we come to with these rules . And to the fact that most people are not happy with their place in life and they are not all good .
        Unity offers you to play by other rules, by the rules that will lead you to successful lines of life and give you what you should have been going from your very birth. Only on them you will achieve true success and truly be happy.
        The first and most important thing is to get rid of fear, fear of loss, fear of poverty, fear of disease and death. Remember: everything that happens to you and around you is the work of your thoughts and your attitude to a particular situation. Living by our rules, you get one very necessary tool. It is an understanding that I am where I should be and doing what I should be doing and nothing will happen to me that I have not planned for myself to come into this life.
        The second rule is importance. Giving something importance, we make a big mistake. Get rid of the importance, it forces us to spend energy to prove to everyone its importance in this world. Do your job well, but without importance. All the same, a person is only interested in himself and only cares about what he does. No one but you will appreciate your importance. Treat everything without importance. We’re just guests in this world.
         Rule three, don’t lie . You can’t profit from other people’s misfortunes. This will take you far away from your successful life line. And what you have earned in this way – you are sure to lose. You can learn more about this in our article “Reward for evil”.
         You can see the people living with you and engaged in the same business as you. Look at your colleagues who are 20-40 years older than you. In 99% you will see yourself in the future. Think about whether you want to become such a person? You do not have to live your life to the end to make sure of our rules: stand with us on the path of development and positive changes in your life will not take long.
         Getting rid of all of the above, you can find the true power – the power of unity of soul and mind . Without fears and experiences, you can generate brilliant ideas. Create stunning masterpieces of art. Know that the line of life on which you are successful and happy – is already there! You only need to allow yourself to be that person
  We believe that by uniting the minds and energies of many people, we can create something really great.

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