UXET-Unity ETH token

By purchasing this token, you get the opportunity to get a key that opens the door to the unknown. The main task – the study and disclosure of the secrets of our planet. Each token holder will have the right to access his / her personal account with the information found by expeditions according to the level of access to the corresponding number of tokens purchased.

How it will work

Each uxet token holder will have the right to access his / her personal account.

Depending on how many tokens you have - you will have the right to access different database levels.

  • 100.000-tolerance level
  • 10,000-tolerance level
  • 1000-tolerance level

Admission Level gives you the right

  • to vote in the choice of tasks.
  • to the level of access to information found by expeditions.
  • to the level of choice of tasks to participate in expeditions, the most interesting for adventurers.

You will have the right to choose jobs and execute them

The cost of the job will depend on its level .
If you have 1000 UXET-you will get access to the minimum level and will not be able to find out the purpose of the task of a higher level to get a better reward. The rating of expeditions will be created and if you wish you will be able to declare yourself. All data collected by you will be available only on our website and will be prohibited for distribution. This is done to increase the UXET Fund. And attract new people to our project.
A special program of access to your personal account will be created with the help of a smart contract to which you will send your UXET to log into your database, this program will determine how long the tokens are on the balance of your wallet. When you exit your personal account, you will cancel the smart contract and the tokens will return to your balance. To get the maximum level of admission – you have to buy 100.000 UXET and keep them on the balance for at least 30 days. You can redeem tasks for UXET , so that only You can complete it and then the other participant will not be able to get ahead of you in receiving the reward for it. This will increase the value of UXET and will not allow later investors to take jobs from the early ones.
Good luck finding the truth. We will turn Your world upside down.


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