Way to success

To create something truly great requires unity of soul and mind.

You can draw technically perfect, but empty pictures. You can graduate from the Conservatory and by all the rules of musical notation to write music, but if you do not put your soul there, it will be so colorless that no one will remember it. But when you look at the picture “Smile of Mona Lisa” you do not understand why you are so drawn to it, but the soul wants to look more and more. And everyone understands and feels it in his own way.
The language of the soul is understood by everyone-the language of things made with love and desire. When a person is truly engaged in their business – it turns out masterpieces. This is art.
In our world, everything is done to keep the soul away from the mind. Science pulls the mind one way, religion pulls the soul the other way. All this is done to ensure that the soul and mind do not work in unity. The matrix is advantageous for a person to be a gray and nondescript cog working in a system for which his self-realization is disastrous. Therefore, since childhood, a person impose rules and regulations that make it obedient and convenient for the system.
 In the end, man lives his life without creating anything great. You try to play by someone’s rules, imitating someone’s success, and as a result you live your life without achieving something worthwhile.  The main loss of a person is the breaking of the connection between the soul and the mind. Everyone thinks that only a select few can become successful businessmen, athletes and writers. People are used to this state of Affairs and it never occurred to anyone that this is not normal!
You have everything you need. It remains only to use it. You are capable of anything, only you have not been told about it. Together, your soul and mind can do anything.

V. Zeland Transerfing Reality

         We believe that by uniting the minds and energies of many people, we can create something really great.

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